22o km. O.N.R. Thessaloniki – Kilkis
Postal Code 61100 Ν.Santa Kilkis


The mission of “SVIM” is to provide you with innovative household products which will facilitate your everyday lives.

Product Range

Products for cutting vegetables and fruit
Pastry tools
Kitchen products

Kitchen tools and more

Total number of products
Over 250 products both in the Greek market and abroad.

Number of Employees
25 Employees in Greece and abroad.

Meaning of “SVIM”
The founder of “SVIM” was Mr. Michael Poussaios who, in 1972, conceptualized the creation of a name from the initials of his family members up to that time!

Since 1986, the company moved in new premises in N.Santa Kilkis, where it still resides.
The production area is 2.500 s.q.m. and the storage area is 1.000 s.q.m

Food, Beverage & Production
As you can imagine, food is very important for us.
On a daily basis, 90% of our products are used for the preparation of delicious dishes.
This is the reason why we created “What’s cooking, SVIM?” in order to provide you with new, healthy recipes which can be prepared very easily, thanks to our tools.
In “SVIM” we are very choosy with beverage. Water is the most popular, along with natural juices, along with a healthy nutrition.

The most Popular Product
The most popular product of “SVIM”, as chosen by our consumers, is the “Vegetable Cutter”.

Creativity and Innovation
“SVIM” has been awarded many times by the Hellenic Ministry of Development, or in the past by the Hellenic Ministry of Research & Technology, with a patent.
We have copyrighted a lot of patents or commercial names both in Greece and abroad.
Innovation is used not only for the design of new products, but also in the production process.
Being inventors and designers ourselves, it is extremely important to comprehend the legal restrictions of our work.Our partnership with creative professionals is our primary goal in all parts of our activity.