Foodie Grill Pro



Foodie Grill Pro-Made of plastic and stainless steel wires. The unique design of the Foodie Grill Pro wraps around food and takes the shape of whatever you are lifting from the barbeque. Use it as a basket and as tongs at the same time. For Basket use: Simply place burger, chicken, steak, fish, beef, shish kebabs or vegetables inside the Foodie Grill Pro. Secure the button to lock it into position and set the Foodie Grill Pro on the grill. Flip the entire Foodie over when meat is ready to be turned allowing even cooking. The Foodie Grill pro is long with stay-cool handle that keep your hand away from the hot grill. It is made of polyamide plastic and stainless steel wire for heat resistance. Patented item.

Dimensions 45 cm
Material PA , S/S



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